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Log Files: The Overlooked Source of SEO Opportunities

Server logs are a powerful source of information that can help you understand complex SEO problems with crawling and indexing. Every technical SEO should be able to perform a log analysis. It's a must-do if you manage a large website. I will start with some basics,...

Debugging Google Analytics via Log Files

You’ve often heard that log files are great for SEO (Listen to those people. They are right!). But don’t think of them as a simple SEO tool. Log files can be useful in many cases. Need an example? Troubleshooting Google Analytics! The canonical URL for our homepage...

Why Google Analytics data is wrong

Google Analytics is a great tool, and 62% of the top 10K websites have Google Analytics tracking code installed (according to However, there is one major problem a lot of people don't realize: Google Analytics tells you what happened, not why....

Forecasting SEO Impacts on Organic Traffic

Stop guessing! Yes, forecasting SEO is hard but extremely useful. This spreadsheet uses basic statistical methods and historic traffic data to reveal the direction the website is heading to. Having a solid forecast is a great way to close a deal, to justify a...

Educate Google and Create an Entity in the Knowledge Graph

Google is permanently changing rules of the game and trying to serve more relevant answers to search queries. In th past, Google’s search results page (SERP) was answering with links to relevant websites but it wasn’t enough. Currently, it tries to deepen the contextual understanding of query. The result of efforts is the Knowledge Graph (launched in May 2012), and it provides answers, not just links. Google shows answers in answer boxes. It’s SERP feature which try to direct answers to your question (search query). A detailed article about this feature was published Dr. Peter Meyers on the Moz blog. My goal is become an entity of the Knowledge Graph and show answers to conversational questions related to me.

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