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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Identifying key challenges, setting marketing objectives, and defining what needs to be done to address the challenges and to achieve the objectives. Acknowledging learnings from the past and where the industry is heading to create a strategy that delivers.

Marketing Intelligence

Marketing Intelligence

Challenging assumptions and “we’ve always done it this way” answers. Highlighting opportunities. Using web analytics and other data sources to generate insights that shape future marketing campaigns and content production.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization


Increasing their visibility in search results and converting visitors from search engines into customers and paying clients. My experience in technical SEO is especially useful for brands with large websites.

What they said about me

Robin was highly skilled at assessing issues and building scalable solutions to address our SEO needs. His ability to move seamlessly between our IT, e-commerce and marketing teams and deliver meaningful change for our organic traffic were exemplary. I especially appreciated his willingness to train and educate staff in ways that made sense to their area of work, and his mix of IQ and EQ will serve him well wherever he goes.

Ryan McKee

Brand Director, MEC

Robin is one of those welcome combinations of superior technical knowledge, a great professional attitude, and a great work ethic. He was great to work with, attentive to clients and a valued team member. Would hire him back happily and highly recommend him as a first rate addition to any company looking to boost its SEO team to the next level.

James Turner

Partner and Principal, Guaranteed SEO

Robin is one of the best SEO strategists I’ve worked with. He goes much deeper than just making high level suggestions and is a partner with a deep technical understanding of how SEO works. He gave me a new appreciation of the effort it takes to truly make a site discoverable. He is able to work within the confines of the existing architecture of a site and make significant improvements.

Bryan Chan

Technical Director, Electronic Arts (EA)

Robin is armed with a lot of know-how needed in digital marketing. He takes jobs with great determination cracking the issue. His drive would apply to both simple and complex tasks like keyword and other SEO analysis. We are very happy to continue working with Robin after the end of the originally agreed period.

Pavel Sima

Chief Business Development Officer,

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